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Service at Vanessa Manel in LA!

      Vanessa Manel in Los Angeles closed its doors for both in-person service and retail shopping on Nov 29, 2021. Thank you to our amazing community of customers, neighbors, and fellow small businesses. We miss you, we appreciate you and we wish you well!

      Thank you to an incredible group of talented estheticians, makeup artists and reception and management team. You made this place a community, a getaway, and a relaxing escape for many clients from stress and the demands of life. At various times you also made it a pre-academy awards makeup boutique, a pinup party, a spachella event for overworked nurses, an art gallery, the neighborhood halloween and dia de los muertos makeup service, an outdoor spa cabana, a nordic christmas fantasyland, a coffee and fruit plate snack hut, and a place to always fulfill the mission of the business - to encourage self-care and self-expression in our community.

      As far as the esthetician that most often occupied room 2 lashing and offering facials... she and the family have moved on to Wisconsin. Stay tuned for updates on this page to find out about where facial services with Vanessa will soon be offered in Waukesha county, Wisconsin!

      For lash and brow service in Eagle Rock, contact Arissa Navarro, owner of Nisaro studios!