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Return Policy

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase or just - oops! - spent a little too much... we're here to help!

You have 30 days from the date of receipt of an item to return it to us for refund. Return requests must be initiated by emailing the Vanessa Manel business at, specifying the product return detail request, then shipping the product to us. Returns should be sent to the address below, in unopened and good condition to be eligible for refund.


You are responsible for paying the shipping costs associated with your return.



If your return is approved we will initiate a refund via the same method by which you paid for the purchase. In rare instances, we may need to send payment via a check or alternative method. The speed of reimbursement to your payment method is normally dictated by the credit card or merchant service issuer's policies.


Return Shipping Address

Vanessa Manel Wellness & Beauty

5110 Townsend Ave

Los Angeles CA 90041


Contact us

If you have any questions on handling your return or want a status update, simply email us at or call us at (323)551-5855.