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Shankara Kansa Wand

Shankara Kansa Wand

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Kansa loosely translates into “healing metal”. The Kansa Massage Wand is made up of mostly copper along with tin, zinc and a few other trace metals. A unique breakthrough product, Shankara’s Kansa Massage Wand is a sweet blessing of several decades of Ayurvedic research and brings multiple benefits.


Revitalizes and nourishes the skin
Massage helps improve circulation
Supports release excess heat and acidity

How to Use

Apply an oil, serum, or massage lotion to promote glide. Massage in gentle circles, working each zone of the face for a 1-2 minutes. Zones can include each side of the neck, each side of the jaw, the temples, the forehead, in between the brows, in circles around the eyes, and immediately lateral to the nose on each side. The wand is designed to naturally find and fit into grooves of the face and massaging with it will naturally promote blood flow, ease tension, enhance luster, and promote a firm feel to the skin. Rinse off oil or lotion after use.